33 & Gorgc Want More Western European Slots in DPC Majors

During a watchalong on Janne “Gorgc” Stefanovski’s live stream, Sébastien “Ceb” Debs as well as Tundra Esports’ Neta “33” Shapira discuss about the allocations of the Major slots for the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC).

While the allocations of Major slots have remained the same for the past couple of years, many professional players within the scene had different thoughts on the allocation of the slots by saying that a certain region deserves an extra slot for impressive performances throughout the season.

“I think the region that had won TI should be given one more slot” – Gorgc & 33 talked about Major slots

During a livestream watchalong of the tiebreaker match between OG and Entity, the trio of Gorgc, Ceb & 33 were discussing about OG missing out on the upcoming Lima Major. However, the topic was then changed when 33 gave his thoughts by saying that the Western Europe region should be given an extra Major slot.

While Gorgc laughed at the idea at first, he agreed with 33 regarding the allocation of the Major slots by saying that all three teams that were involved in the tiebreakers should be allowed to attend the Major regardless of the outcome. Furthermore, he thinks that the region that won the previous iteration of The International (TI) should be given an extra slot.

“The EU should have one more slot. That must be the ultimate solution is that they should just let all of you go [Tundra, Entity and OG]. All three of you. Since you guys [Tundra Esports] won TI last year,  I think the region that has won TI the previous year should be given one more slot, it’s pretty simple” he said.

33 then went on to talk about statistics on why the region should be given extra Major slots, as half of the teams that achieved a top 12 finish were based in Western Europe. Additionally, he believes that if a team could not outperform the top 12 teams from the previous TI (The International) then they should be relegated to the lower division.

“I mean Europe has six teams in the top 12 [at TI11]. Like, if you cannot be as good as the top 12 teams from TI11 then you will literally drop to Division II at some point. The top three at TI11, us, Secret & Liquid were from Western Europe” he said.

While some agreed with the duo regarding the matter, others were conflicted as an extra slot to WEU would be unfair to the remaining regions.