C-Smash VRS Will Host An Official Esports Tournament Next Year At Humanise

RapidEyeMovers will host an official C-Smash VRS esports tournament next year at the Humanise Festival of Play.

Detailed by RapidEyeMovers director Jörg Tittel and Matt Burke (Lakes International Comic Arts Festival), the C-Smash VRS tournament takes place next year at the ‘Humanise Festival of Play‘ a three-day event in Kendal, UK. Humanise aims to turn Kendal’s “idyllic surroundings into a playable map, bringing the mechanics of games into the real world.” However, sign-up details and the festival date remain unconfirmed.

Developed by RapidEyeMovers and Wolf & Wood, C-Smash VRS rebooted SEGA’s Cosmic Smash for PSVR 2 back in June. We believed it “stylishly adapts this arcade classic” in our recommended review, and a major post-launch update followed in September. That added co-op support, ‘Infinity Mode’ with a dynamically generated arena, AI opponents, new block types and more.

C-Smash VRS is available now on PSVR 2 for $19.49 and the free demo remains available to try.