COD Mobile: Here’s Why Players With Gaming Devices Are Getting Banned for 10 Years

Call of Duty: Mobile (COD: Mobile) players are now facing a new challenge. Numerous reports have surfaced after the season 5 update where players who have been using additional tools such as Air Triggers, custom crosshairs, custom overlays or game boosters have been banned from playing the game. The penalty levied on certain accounts goes as high as 10 years. While some of the bans have been lifted after a certain period, experts are advising players with gaming phones to exercise caution and consider refraining from playing the game for the time being.

What are the devices at risk of getting banned in COD: Mobile?

Activision is yet to address the issue and there is no confirmation on exactly what are all the models that are at risk of getting banned. However, the problem seems to be more prominent with players who use devices of ASUS ROG series or Sony Xperia.

The primary reason behind these bans is the game’s anti-cheat system, which can detect any third-party performance enhancements used by players to improve their in-game performance. While these enhancements may not be considered hacking from an ethical standpoint, the anti-cheat software disagrees.

This is not the first time built-in gaming gears have come into questioning to maintain fairness and competitive integrity of the game. Certain devices that offer such tools are also banned from the competitive circuit. The developers haven’t also been very clear about where they stand on the matter. It is to be noted Sony Xperia has partnered with Activision as the title sponsor of the COD: Mobile World Championship that has taken place so far. The device was also one of the first to introduce 120 FPS in the game as well as wide FOV for better visual perspective. We are eager to see how the developers will implement modifications so these gameplay enhancements are exempted from receiving such penalties.