EA Sports FC 24 vs. Fifa: What Are the Differences?

With the upcoming release of its newest title, EA Sports announced that it has officially ended ties with the FIFA name and will be rebranding the FIFA franchise to EA Sports FC moving forward. This was first noticed in 2022 when Electonic Arts decided not to renew its license agreement with the Federation Internationale de Football Association. Apart from its title, there are also a host of changes and overhauls to the game to differentiate itself from its previous installments. Let’s take a look at all the major differences.

EA Sports FC 24 vs. Fifa: Gameplay and Graphical Elements

As the 20-year-old partnership comes to an end many football and FIFA fans alike might be wondering about the direction that the newer game is heading towards. Worry not as the core elements and all of the fan-favorite modes of the game have been retained in the latest iteration. 

EA Sports FC 24 will feature overhauls to its FrostBite engine with the addition of new technologies like Hypermotion V which will accurately represent player movements thanks to the research done by collecting volumetric data. The game now boasts 5,000 brand-new animations compared to FIFA 23. Furthermore, they have also made improvements to Sapien tech in order to mimic the skeletal structures of players. The game certainly looks more graphically impressive thanks to such changes.

There is also the addition of AcceleRATE 2.0 which will feature various player types. We also have to mention the new PlayStyles feature which will essentially match the real-life traits of players with their in-game counterparts.

EA Sports FC 24 vs. Fifa: Game Modes

As mentioned earlier, most of the fan-favorite game modes will carry forward with the new iteration. However, there have been several improvements made to it. The Ultimate Team mode will now feature female footballers who can be paired alongside male footballers making a diversified team.

The Pro-clubs mode is being renamed to Clubs and will feature a brand-new seasonal format, providing a significant improvement to division play which was in the previous titles. This game mode will now contain a League and a Playoff phase which adds to the immersion and brings a new challenge to hardcore players.

That is pretty much it for all the significant changes in the upcoming game. EA Sports FC 24 will be released on 29th September for the Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, and Nintendo Switch.