How To Play Headquarters Mode In COD Mobile

With Call of Duty (COD) Mobile Season 8 scheduled to go live on 6th September 2023, a lot of fresh content for players is pouring in. Whether it’s the popular multiplayer mode or other arrangements in the online one, fans are excited to participate in these shenanigans once again. 

However, one gaming mode that continues to bedazzle players is Headquarters in COD Mobile. It is an objective-based gameplay mode and may require a little assistance. We have compiled some tips and tricks to help you through this mode and progress through the Battle Pass faster.

Here is a comprehensive guide on how to play Headquarters mode in COD Mobile.

Your Guide to COD Mobile Headquarters Mode

The Headquarters game mode is objective-based. Before COD Mobile Season 8, it was available only for private matches. However, in Season 8, Headquarters will be lining up as a featured game mode. 

Being an objective-based game mode, getting kills comes second to earning as many points as possible. Headquarters is actually quite similar to Hardpoint in the sense that both game modes involve capturing certain areas of the map in order to score points. It’s a 5v5 mode where teams rival against each other over a headquarter that spawns on the map. 

The headquarters (HQ) appear on the map merely 10 seconds after a session begins. It can be delineated by a yellow circle on the mini map. The team that is first to reach the location and stay there for a few seconds obtains ownership and starts earning points. 

The catch is that the team that captures the HQ cannot respawn until it is entirely destroyed by the enemy team. The enemy team, however, can respawn endlessly while trying to destroy the headquarters or depleting its health bar. A valuable tip to keep in mind is to stay close to your team and not expose yourself to enemies. Stealth is the key for those who are defending the headquarters. 

Once destroyed, the HQ cannot be recaptured by either team. Instead, another HQ will be spawned on the map after a brief intermission. This means every life counts, at least for the defendants. Rather than attacking ferociously, you must keep things defensive and low. This also means building an organized loadout rather than carrying whatever you like. Balance your weapons with your teammates. Rather than carrying multiple recons, carry one. 

The first team to accumulate 100 points will emerge victorious. If neither team succeeds in doing so, the team with the most points wins. Unlike Hardpoint, where teams can defend or attack multiple locations at the same time, Headquarters focuses on one point on the map. This means that teams will have to strategize their every move, carefully considering when and how to capture the headquarters, defend it, or attack it. 

The enemy team, or the one that chooses to attack the headquarters must think like a defendant. If you were one, which areas would you consider vital to hide in? Try to delegate tasks among your teammates in a way that covers all crucial angles for an overwhelming attack. 

Lastly, try to stick together as a team and ensure a smooth flow of communication to avoid any misunderstandings or losses. Experimenting with different weapon loadout combinations can also help you identify what works as an attacker and defender.