LoLdle Answer for 3 February: “Anyone Got a Match?”

Web-based word guessing game Wordle, created by software engineer Josh Wardle, took the world by storm and was the most talked-about game in the early part of 2022. Since its publication, numerous people on the internet spanning continents have been sharing and celebrating their every day wins within the game. Each day, a five-letter word is chosen and the players have to guess the word correctly within six tries. Since the game is straightforward and simple to play, many people have been inclined to create similar ones. League of Legends players have their own version of Wordle called the LoLdle. It is one such spin-off game based on Wordle and Riot Games’ flagship title League of Legends. LoLdle includes League of Legends champions and their quotes.

There are four game modes in LoLdle and they are as follows:

  • Classic: Guess the champion and every try gives specific properties for clues with green, red, and orange boxes

  • Quotes: Guess with an in-game quote of a champion

  • Ability: Guess with the icon of a spell

  • Splash: Guess the skin with a cropped section of a splash art

Though LoLdle has a low entry barrier, the puzzles are sometimes tough and they can hit players with uncommon champion quotes, abilities, and some hard-to-recognize art. This article will guide you through the LoLdle Quote of the Day for 3rd February: Anyone Got a Match?

Today’s LoLdle Quote

3rd February: Anyone Got a Match?

On 2nd February, the LoLDle quote is, “Anyone Got a Match?” The champion who said this is Ziggs.

Previous LoLDle Answers

  • 2nd February: My sister cauterized her wound in Holy Fire. Mine remains – Morgana.

  • 1st February: Are you the hunter…or the prey? – Kai’Sa

  • 31st January: Joy is not an easy power to master. It infects you, becomes you – Nilah.

  • 30th January: I Raise My Iron Fist to Subjugate the Living – Mordekaiser

  • 29th January: DEMACIA! – Jarvan IV

  • 28th January: Nightfall! – Diana

  • 27th January: Trample Them – Sejuani

  • 26th January: A Rolling Golem Gathers No Rust – Blitzcrank

  • 25th January: Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom! – Cho’Gath

  • 24th January: I Was Forged to Destroy, and You are in My Way – Kayn

  • 23rd January: Still Can’t Believe I Get to Move My Hands and Feet All on My Own! – Gwen

  • 22nd January: Imagine if I had a real weapon! – Jax

  • 21st January: The Ball Is Angry – Orianna

  • 20th January: Morgana is here. How I relish the opportunity to battle my dark shadow. – Kayle

  • 19th January: Wow. All These Songs Sound Amazing. I’ll bring them into harmony! – Seraphine

  • 18th January: See? It’s just a scarecrow – Fiddlesticks

  • 17th January: By the power of the stars – Soraka

  • 16th January: Ride! – Rell

  • 15th January: Many Foes, One Strike! – Master Yi

  • 14th January: Do you have snacks in your pocket? How ’bout now? …How ’bout now?! – Yuumi

  • 13th January: True Gems Sparkle Even in the Absence of Light – Taric

  • 12th January: Money can’t buy happiness? Only someone born rich would agree with that – Renata Glasc

  • 11th January: Caught between a rock… and a hard place – Malphite

  • 10th January: The Forest Holds Many Surprises – Zyra

  • 9th January: I Will Be the Best – Wukong

  • 8th January: Hikuh! – Lee Sin

  • 7th January: Another Game of Snake and Mice – Cassiopeia

  • 6th January: You Got Guts. Too Bad I Gotta Put My Fists Through ‘Em – Sett

  • 5th December: Think I’m Bluffin’? – Graves

  • 4th January: Lightning Bolt! Lightning Bolt! Lightning Bolt!… – Xerath

  • 3rd January: Trapped in a box so long Xerath, they never should have let us out! – Renekton

  • 2nd January: You See This Cape? Ha! I Say Goddamn I’m Sexy! – Rakan

  • 1st January: Claw or spear, your end’s the same – Nidalee

About LoLdle

Reddit user Pimeko posted on the League of Legends subreddit about the Wordle-inspired game for League of Legends fans called LoLdle. The post read, “Hi guys! I just developed loldle.net, a web game where you have to guess one champion per day and everyone has the same!”  The game has been inspired by the likes of Wordle, Tusmo, Worldle, Cemantix, and Commander Codex, and all the data used in the game is provided by the League of Legends Fandom.