Meta Connect 2024 Takes Place September 25 & 26

Meta is gearing up for Meta Connect 2024 on September 25 and 26 for its next set of major updates in VR and AR technology.

The event has been held late in each calendar year since 2014, first as Oculus Connect, then as Facebook Connect, and since 2022 as Meta Connect. At Connect Meta’s teams show off future-facing ideas wrapped together with nearer-term software and hardware updates for AR and VR headsets.

2024 may be a particularly important year for Meta’s efforts with reports suggesting the company is likely hoping to offer a slimline glasses AR demo that can open minds to the future of AR. On the VR side, Quest 3S is now in the open as the likely name for Meta’s next low-cost headset and there are more Horizon OS headsets in the works from partners.

“Connect is open for anyone to attend by tuning into Facebook on the @Meta or @MetaforDeveloper Pages on September 25 – 26,” a Meta representative explained over email. “More information will be released in the summer including agendas, speakers, and more. We’ll be sharing more information about in-person invitations in the summer.”

Meanwhile, Apple is due to release announcements related to Vision Pro at WWDC in mid-June, specifications started to leak for a Pico 4S that could try to compete on cost after a disappointing turn against the Quest 2, and PlayStation VR2 adds PC support in August via a new adapter.

Meta can follow that up in September by promoting a variety of projects for the Quest Store and Horizon, alongside new feature updates coming soon and in the distant future, as well as the promise of new, and potentially surprising, future hardware.