What Are Diablo 4 Legion Events?

Diablo 4 introduces Legion events which are longer and more challenging versions of World Events. They can spawn randomly and are marked on the map so you can go and participate in the events as soon as they appear in your world. Some of the legion events can spawn only after clearing a stronghold and you can clear the events more than once. If you are wondering how legion events work and what the rewards are, here is what you need to know about them.

How to complete legion events in Diablo 4

When a new legion event spawns, it will be marked on the map. You will notice that there is a glowing orange icon on your map when an event starts so you can make your way to the designated area. 

It is possible to enter an event after it has already begun but once players complete an event in your world, you will not be able to complete the event again until it re-appears. So far, we have not noticed any reliable pattern in which the events appear. However, you can let your friends invite you if an event spawns in their world, which will allow you to participate for drops.

Once you reach a legion event zone, you will need to wait for the event to kick off. Once the event starts, you have to clear three waves of enemies and a boss at the end. The waves get harder each time and you might have a hard time clearing an event if you do not have other players to assist you.

Completing just the first wave and defeating the Harbinger is enough to get a completion. However, the more waves and overlords you kill, the more Mastery bonus you will receive at the end of the activity similar to Local Events.

The events are instanced so there is no guaranteed way to clear it solo or find other people. If you do not find people in your world, consider asking for help from your friends or in online forums and people will help you clear the events.