Who is Skirk from Genshin Impact?

Who is Skirk from Genshin Impact? – Main Image

The trailer for Genshin Impact Version 4.2, “Masquerade of the Guilty“, has sparked excitement in the community, especially with the split-second appearance of Skirk, a mysterious new female character.

Speculated to be connected to Khaenri’ah or the Abyss Order, Skirk’s existence has been previously hinted at by the fan-favourite character Tartaglia (Childe). She is the mysterious swordswoman who trained Tartaglia during his time in the Abyss.

Of the 18 new characters to be released during the Fontaine cycle, Skirk’s mysterious background and unique design have captured the attention of the Genshin Impact community. Read on to discover everything we know about Skirk, including her lore, release date, playability, voice actors, and more!

Who is Skirk from Genshin Impact?

According to Tartaglia, Skirk is an extremely skilled and experienced warrior who also served as his stern instructor. It has been confirmed that Tartaglia’s most formidable form, known as the “Foul Legacy”, was not originally his own creation. Instead, it was imparted to him by Skirk during his days in the Abyss.

The recent Genshin Impact 4.2 trailer revealed Skirk’s appearance and voice. She has long pale purple hair, magenta eyes, and an intricately designed headpiece tucked behind her left ear, strikingly reminiscent of the Abyss’s designs.

Skirk is said to live in another world, the “dark realm”, or the “darkest corners of the universe”. Her realm is said to have a different flow of time than Teyvat, with three months in her realm being equivalent to three days in Teyvat. Although her affiliation with the Abyss Order is unconfirmed, she is known to be able to survive in the treacherous Abyss and taught Tartaglia how to do the same.

Only time will tell what Skirk’s true role is in the lore of Teyvat, but she is sure to be an important character in the story to come.

Will Skirk be playable in Genshin Impact?

Yes, Skirk will be playable. According to credible leaks, she will be a Hydro Sword user, though her rarity remains uncertain.

Genshin Impact Skirk release date

Skirk is expected to make her first in-game appearance in the Fontaine Archon Quest with the release of Version 4.2. However, players may not be able to recruit her as a playable unit after Version 4.3.

According to credible information, Furina and Charlotte will be the only new recruitable characters for Version 4.2 and Navia for Version 4.3.

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Genshin Impact Skirk voice actors

Skirk will be voiced by Mamiko Noto in Japanese, Cat Protano in English, Xie Ying in Chinese, and Seo Dahye in Korean.

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That’s everything we know about the mysterious Skirk of Genshin Impact!

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