Zenless Zone Zero Anton Build Guide

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HoYoverse has become synonymous with action RPGs with a strong Gacha System and Zenless Zone Zero is not a surprise. Many thought that Genshin Impact was HoYoverse’s lightning in the bottle, but with other incredible games, they are proving themselves worthy of the Gacha gods title.

Similar to other titles from this developer, Zenless Zone Zero has plenty of different characters in different ranks that can be obtained during banners. Anton Ivanov is one of many characters available at launch.

While not a top-tier S-rank character, Anton is still a force to be reckoned with and is rendered an A-rank character. He specializes in delivering piercing attacks that deal a mix of physical and electric damage.

Who is Anton Ivanov?

Anton Ivanov is an A-Rank Agent from the Belobog Heavy Industries Faction with the Electric Attribute and Attack Fighting Style. He’s a standard A-Rank Agent, meaning you can obtain more copies of Anton on any character banner through the Gacha System.

While Anton isn’t the only Attack Agent in the game, he brings something special to the table. He’s both the only Electric Attack Agent and Belobog Attack Agent.

This makes him a valuable asset for teams that can benefit from his unique buffs and synergy. Additionally, his Additional Abilities can act as the connective tissue for a well-constructed squad.

Even though Anton is an A-Rank character, his potential shouldn’t be underestimated. With the right build and taking advantage of buffs offered in certain stages, Anton can be a viable option for endgame content.

Anton’s Playstyle

Anton excels in multi-target situations. He’s a whirlwind of electric and physical damage, zipping between enemies and unleashing powerful AoE attacks. He can daze enemies which further enhances his combat prowess by making them easier to take down.

To maximize Anton’s core skills, consider teaming him up with at least one other Electric and/or Pierce character. This activates a hefty buff for his drill and pile driver attacks, as well as the stun damage multiplier he applies.

A great teammate for Anton is Rina (Electric), who complements Anton’s melee focus with some great ranged attacks.

Anton’s Best W-Engine

Don’t get confused by the name, W-Engine in Zenless Zone Zero are weapons. The best W-Engine for Anton is the A-Rank Drill Rig – Red Axis. It’s tailor-made for his kit, boosting his critical rate and giving him a significant electric damage buff when he uses his EX Special Attack.

If you’re looking for a B-Rank option, consider [Reverb] Mark II or [Reverb] Mark III to give Anton a damage boost.

Here’s a breakdown of Anton’s best W-Engines:

  • Drill Rig – Red Axis (A-Rank): This W-Engine is a perfect fit for Anton, offering both a Crit Rate boost and an Electric Damage buff after using his EX Special Attack.
  • [Reverb] Mark III (B-Rank): Increases damage dealt by Anton’s basic and special attacks.
  • [Reverb] Mark II (B-Rank): Similar to Mark III, this B-Rank option increases Anton’s overall damage output.

Anton’s Best Drive Disks

To capitalize on Anton’s electric damage potential, here’s a breakdown of the best Drive Disk sets and stat priorities:

  • Drive Disk Sets:
    • Thunder Metal (4-Piece): This set is a great choice, offering a 27% ATK buff whenever an enemy is Shocked. It pairs well with teams that have other Electric Agents to keep enemies consistently Shocked.
    • Woodpecker Electro (4-Piece): This set shines for Crit-focused Attack Agents like Anton. The 4-piece bonus grants up to 9% ATK if you can land critical hits with Basic Attacks, Dodge Counters, and EX Special Attacks.
  • Drive Disk Stat Priority:

Main Stats (Priority Order):

  • Slot 4: Crit Rate% or Crit DMG% (depending on your gear and Substats, aim for a 1:2 Crit Rate to Crit DMG ratio)
  • Slot 5: PEN Ratio% or Electric DMG% (both increase Anton’s damage)
  • Slot 6: Energy Regen% (since Anton’s Burst Mode relies on Energy, this helps extend its duration)

Substats (Priority Order):

  • Crit Rate%/Crit DMG%
  • PEN
  • ATK

Anton thrives in a team composition that complements his electric damage and crowd-control capabilities. Here’s an example of a good team composition:

  • Main DPS: Anton
  • Sub-DPS 1: Anby (Free Agent) – Provides valuable Stun effects to further enhance Anton’s damage.
  • Sub-DPS 2 (Optional): Rina – Offers ranged Electric support, allowing Anton to focus on close-quarters combat.
  • Support: Soukaku (Free Unit) – Enhances your entire team’s damage, including Anton’s electric damage, and provides a helpful Reactive Assist.

Anton Skill Priority

Anton functions primarily as a main DPS agent within your team. He excels at dealing sustained electric damage and controlling groups of enemies with his AoE attacks and daze application.

Here’s a recommended skill priority for Anton:

  1. Core Passive: This is always the top priority as it upgrades not only Anton’s Core Passive but also his Additional Ability and Assist Moves.
  2. Special Attack: Smash the Horizon, Bro!: This skill unlocks Anton’s powerful Burst Mode, increasing his damage output and electric damage focus. Upgrading this skill first maximizes his core strength.
  3. Basic Attack: Enthusiastic Drills (Burst Mode): Since Anton spends a lot of time in Burst Mode, if you prioritize this skill it will allow him to unleash faster and more damaging attacks while in that state.
  4. Special Attack: Explosive Drill (Burst Mode): While this skill offers a powerful Drill attack, its upgrade isn’t as crucial as the previous skills. Upgrading it later focuses on further maximizing Anton’s burst damage.
  5. Everything Else: Once the core skills are leveled, you can follow up on the skills based on your playstyle. If you find yourself relying heavily on dodging enemy attacks, consider upgrading Dodge: Retaliation or Dodge Counter: Overload Drill (Burst Mode).

This is all you need to know about Anton Ivanov in Zenless Zone Zero, which will be released on July 4.

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