Zenless Zone Zero Hollow Zero Mode Explained

Zenless Zone Zero Hollow Zero Mode Explained – Main Image

Zenless Zone Zero pits players against supernatural dangers called Hollows in a post-apocalyptic world called New Eridu. The developers behind this upcoming new action RPG are the same who have made such fantastic titles as Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail.

In a recent pre-release livestream, people from HoYoverse talked about the game’s permanent gameplay mode called Hollow Zero. The endgame content in Zenless Zone Zero is quite rich with several different modes, and Hollow Zero promises fresh challenges and lore.

Everything You Need to Know About Hollow Zero Mode

Hollow Zero is a permanent gameplay mode. You can access it through the special overworld map called Scott Outpost, or via the main menu.

Nevertheless, this map has a massive Hollow looming in the distance, it bleeds into the core of the game’s lore and offers a stage for key story developments. The sight of the Hollow is both impressive and terrifying, setting the tone for the adventures that await.

Hollow Zero is a roguelike mode, similar to Honkai Star Rail’s Simulated Universe. Players begin their run with a single Agent and can recruit additional teammates as they progress through various stages and defeat enemies.

To be precise, you can select up to 5 others as squad members, for a total of 6 Agents. You will start as the leader but as your run goes on you can recruit the Agents you put as squad members, up to a maximum of the usual 3 Agents.

Each stage offers different bonuses and buffs, and rewards reset weekly, ensuring that the mode remains engaging over time, best of all, playing this mode doesn’t require spending any materials.

To dive deeper into it, Hollow Zero uses a series of televisions (TVs) as checkpoints and decision points. Each TV represents a stage where you will encounter enemies, collect power-ups, or gain access to shops to upgrade your team.

The main gameplay revolves around obtaining “Resonia” or “Resonium,” which are power-ups gained through combat or events. When you collect four Resonia of the same type, you get a bonus Advanced Resonium, providing significant buffs, including to your character’s stats like Critical, Dodge, General, Energy, Synergy, and elements.

Make no mistake about it, Hollow Zero is built for replayability. The developers designed it to be a long-term challenge, and they plan to keep things fresh with new content and story developments. It even bleeds into your understanding of the other characters!

By building trust with your Agents (playable characters) through these Hollow Zero events, you’ll not only unlock special upgrades but also gain a deeper connection with them. It’s a great way to feel more invested in the world and your team.

As players progress through Hollow Zero, they will face increasingly difficult challenges. The mode features different difficulties for each Zone, from Normal to Disaster, each offering unique rewards.

The key to success is managing the “Pressure” gauge, which fills up as you explore more TVs (stages). Once filled, you’ll encounter random “Corruptions”.

These are debuffs that can make your run significantly harder, however, overcoming these obstacles can give enemies a taste of their own medicine, turning the tide in your favor.

While similar to other Gacha games from the same developer, Zenless Zone Zero seems more mature and darker. Be prepared for some terrifying moments as you explore the Hollows.

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