Zenless Zone Zero Von Lycaon Build Guide

Zenless Zone Zero Von Lycaon Build Guide – Main Image

Known for his stylish wolf appearance and icy kicks, Lycaon is a member of Victoria Housekeeping in Zenless Zone Zero. The S-rank Agent specializes in Ice anomaly and striking damage, and getting the best build for him will take his skills to the next level!

Featured on the standard banner, Lycaon is known for using lightning-fast kicks to inflict powerful daze effects on enemies. This makes him exceptionally effective at stunning opponents and providing strong crowd control for your team.

Lycaon can also charge his basic attacks as needed to amplify his daze effects, complemented by his core passives and ultimate ability, making him a great Sub DPS choice for your team.

Lycaon Best W-Engine

Given Lycaon’s impressive impact stat and the daze multipliers from his attacks, he excels as a Stun DPS. His primary role is to stun enemies, enabling chain attacks or allowing your main DPS to deal substantial damage while foes are incapacitated.

Here are the best W-Engines for him:

Rarity Name Adv. Stat Effect
S-Rank The Restrained Ice DMG When a Basic Attack deals Ice DMG, the skill deals an additional 15% damage and Daze.
A-Rank Precious Fossilized Core Impact% Attacks against enemies with above or equal to 70% HP inflict 15% more Daze.
B-Rank Vortex Revolver Impact% Basic attacks inflict 9% more Daze

The Restrained enhances Ice DMG by 25% during combat and adds 15% damage and Daze to Lycaon’s Basic Attacks when they deal Ice DMG. This W-Engine significantly boosts Lycaon’s damage output and reinforces his role as a primary Daze dealer, crucial for maximizing his combat effectiveness.

As for the W-Engine Precious Fossilized Core, it increases Daze infliction by 15% when Lycaon attacks enemies with 70% or more HP. This is ideal for Lycaon’s role as an opener in combat scenarios, where he often encounters enemies above this HP threshold. It is most effective against mini-bosses and bosses, as weaker enemies may be eliminated before they can be stunned.

While a B-Rank option, Vortex Revolver boosts Basic Attack Daze infliction by 9% and can be easily maxed out through regular gameplay, providing Lycaon with an 18% boost to his already potent Basic Attacks, especially effective when charged for maximum impact.

Lycaon Best Drive Disk

Here are the best Drive Disk sets for Lycaon as well as their stat priorities:

Drive Disk Effects
Shockstar Disco 2-Piece: Increases Impact by 6%.
4-Piece: When an enemy is stunned, the entire squad’s ATK increases by 20% for 10 seconds. This can occur once ever 15s and does not stack.
Polar Metal 2-Piece: Increases Ice DMG by 10%.
4-Piece: When hitting a Frozen enemy or triggering Shatter, reduce the target’s Ice RES by 28% for 8s, which does not stack.

The Shockstar Disco set is a great choice as it emphasizes Lycaon’s ability to quickly and effectively stun enemies. High Impact % is crucial for maximizing this build’s effectiveness, leveraging Lycaon’s Daze abilities and passives to their fullest.

Meanwhile, the 4-piece Polar Metal set enhances Lycaon’s capabilities in combat scenarios where freezing and shattering enemies play a significant role. It ensures Lycaon can inflict greater Ice DMG and weaken enemy defenses effectively. A full 4-piece set is highly recommended!

Drive Disk Stat Priority

Main stats

  • Slot 4: CRIT Rate% or CRIT DMG
  • Slot 5: PEN% or ATK%
  • Slot 6: Impact%

Sub stats in order of priority:

  1. CRIT Rate% or CRIT DMG
  2. PEN%
  3. ATK%
  4. Attribute Mastery

Lycaon Best Bangboo

As an Ice Agent, you’ll need to find the appropriate Bangboo for your Lycaon build. Here are the best options to consider when building your character:

Rank Bangboo Skills
S-Rank Sharkboo When there are at least 2 Ice Attribute characters in your squad: Active Skill inflicts 80% more Anomaly Buildup.
S-Rank Butler Increases CRIT Rate of all Agents by 14%, and the CRIT Rate of Victoria Housekeeping Co. Agents by an extra 14%

The S-Rank Sharkboo provides an impressive 25% damage boost to all Ice Agents, significantly enhancing your team’s offensive power. This boost increases the frequency of enemy freezes, facilitating more shatters and frostbite effects.

Meanwhile, the S-Rank Butler grants Lycaon a substantial 28% Crit Rate boost, as well as a team-wide energy boost!

Lycaon Best Teams

With Lycaon in a Sub-DPS role, you can focus on building your Main DPS into a formidable force. Ellen Joe is a particularly great choice as you will be able to deal devastating Ice DMG with both of these characters.

Check out the best team below!

  • Main DPS
    • Ellen excels at dealing massive AoE and single-target ice damage as a Slash-type Agent.
  • Sub-DPS
    • Lycaon
  • Support
    • Soukaku enhances her team’s damage with her Core Passive and boosts ice damage with her Additional Ability.

As a Mono-Ice team, with Ellen, Lycon, and Soukaku, you will be able to activate all synergy bonuses between the characters!

Ellen excels at the Main DPS role as she gains a 7.5% Ice DMG boost with two Ice Agents on her team and an additional 12.5% when enemies are stunned, totaling a whopping 20% damage increase! Also, she’ll gain a point of Flash Freeze, as there are two Slash Agents on the team. This boost occurs when Ellen’s EX Special Attacks hits an enemy.

Lycaon Skill Priority

Lycaon’s combat style revolves heavily around his charged basic attacks, which are crucial for maximizing daze damage quickly.

Here are which skills you should prioritize:

  • Charged Basic Attack
  • Dodge
  • Special Attack
  • Ultimate ATK

That’s the end of our build guide for everyone’s favorite wolf in Zenless Zone Zero, Von Lycaon! We’ll be sure to keep this guide updated whenever there are any changes in the meta.

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