Valorant PBE Schedule (8.00 to 8.05): Patch Test Dates, Features, More

The current season of Valorant, Episode 7 Act 3, is well underway, delivering lots of new features for the players to enjoy. However, it has also produced some annoying bugs that have been taken care off by the developers.

To combat such issues before a new patch goes live, trial runs are planned and executed by Riot Games through the Public Beta Environment (PBE) servers.

This is a different space altogether, separate from the main servers, allowing developers to run tests on new features or changes before officially rolling them out in the game.

Here is information about the upcoming Valorant PBE Schedule from Patch 8.00 to 8.05.

Valorant PBE Schedule and Update: Complete Details

Riot Games has designed a test server called PBE which is open to the public hailing from North America. Anyone interested can sign up and those shortlisted get to try out the upcoming patches in advance, testing features and gameplay changes before they are officially released.

Not just that, the bugs and other issues that they report are quickly resolved by the vigilant developers, who can then roll out a more stable version of the patch which results in a better response from the community.

Valorant PBE Schedule: Patch 8.00 to 8.05 Test Dates

The current active Patch 7.10 went live on 14th November, which was a significantly mid-sized update mainly offering changes to Deadlock by buffing her GravNet (C) ability. Apart from that a few game mode-specific agent changes were made with Reyna and Fade receiving buffs for team deathmatch.

Usually PBE for any upcoming Valorant Patch takes place throughout an entire weekend, starting on any particular Friday at around 04:00 PM PST (04:30 AM IST) and concluding on the following Monday at around 11:00 PST (11:30 PM IST).

The tentative schedule for the next six PBE patches, which have also been released by the ‘Valorant PBE‘ Reddit page, should be as follows.

  1. Valorant Patch 8.00 – 5th January 2024, Friday to

  2. Valorant Patch 8.01 – None

  3. Valorant Patch 8.02 – 26th January 2024, Friday

  4. Valorant Patch 8.03 – 9th February 2024, Friday

  5. Valorant Patch 8.04 – To Be Announced

  6. Valorant Patch 8.05 – To Be Announced

Valorant PBE Schedule: 8.00 to 8.05

Valorant PBE Updates, Changes, and Gameplay Features

So far there are no leaks or speculations about what changes might be headed our way with these upcoming Valorant PBE Patches which will be spread across January and February of 2024.

However, we do know that 7.12 will be the last patch for Valorant’s current Episode 7 Act 3. It will comprise of some big changes like new Premier Rewards, Skye’s ability Trailblazer (Q) undergoing a nerf, and Gekko being granted multiple buffs, among other things.

The huge seasonal switch is speculated to take place towards mid to end December 2023, paving the path for Episode 8 Act 1.

Do take all this information with a pinch of salt as nothing has been officially announced by Valorant or Riot Games.

Also, these dates are often moved around by the developers even after being confirmed in advance, so there is always a chance of them being postponed.