Loco Reflects on Successes of 2022, Vows to Make 2023 Even More Fun For Esports Fans

Everyone’s favorite homegrown streaming platform Loco saw rapid growth in 2022 and it wants to bolster its presence in the esports and gaming scene even further this year. The company which Anirudha Pandita founded over eight years ago is connecting gamers from every part of India with some of the best content creators in the country. 

Firasat Durrani, the company’s vice president of operations, and Chetan Dhembre, the chief technological officer, were recently promoted to co-founders as Loco gears up to become the best in the esports and live streaming ecosystem. The streaming platform has seen a growth of 900% in its daily active users from June 2021 to June 2022 and it wants the new year to be even bigger.

Tracking Loco’s Growth Over The Years

Loco has come a long way since its humble beginnings under Pocket Aces. The streaming platform was meant to be a part of Pocket Aces but it grew so rapidly that it was turned into a separate entity. Since its inception, Pandita and other key members of Loco’s leadership team have been pushing the boundaries of gaming entertainment. 

2022 was a massive year for Loco with the platform being listed as one of the “Next Hottest Products” by global product analytics company Amplitude. It was the only Indian gaming company to make the cut. Similarly, analytics company Newzoo listed Loco as one of the major players in its new  Esports Ecosystem Infographic for 2022. Loco was also the only brand and platform to represent India at the Dubai Esports Festival (DEF) 2022 in November 2022.

Loco recently published its annual recap titled “Loco 2022 Recap: We’re Here to Stay” where it highlighted some of the biggest moments on the platform. From reaching 100 Million viewers during the BGMI Master Series 2022 to partnering with content creators like Tanmay “Scout” Singh, Siddhant “Sid” Joshi, and many others, Loco highlighted the best moments of 2022 that the Indian gaming and esports community got to experience on the homegrown streaming platform.

Loco’s Plans for 2023 and Beyond 

According to Loco’s statement to AFK Gaming, the Indian gaming industry reached unprecedented heights in 2022 with the current market of gamers expected to be around the 400 Million mark with 100 Million of them actively playing FPS games. 

With BGMI Masters 2022 seeing over 258,000 concurrent live viewers tune into Loco’s streams and beating out the TV broadcast viewership, Loco is confident that it can continue to break its impressive records. 5G is taking off in India and the streaming platform feels that the technology will help Loco connect with an even wider audience. High-speed internet will allow Loco to deliver high-quality experiences and the community cannot wait for the nationwide rollout of 5G.

In 2023, one of Loco’s biggest goals is to boost its interactivity through new features. The platform is working on developing a fleshed-out chat feature with features that are not present in other platforms. The streaming platform has kept details about these new and exciting features under wraps for now and we can expect an official announcement this year.

5G is not the only new technology that Loco is leveraging to enhance its platform. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence is being deployed to scale Loco’s infrastructure and the platform is looking to deploy better moderation and content recommendation systems through the technologies.

Loco is also trying to create more mutually beneficial relationships with its creators by giving content creators ways to grow quickly. The platform is focusing on developing high-quality streamer training programs that help streamers upskill themselves and there will be new features and initiatives that help the content creators grow on the platform. There will also be new monetization methods that can help streamers bolster their earnings.

Finally, Loco is looking to provide new and innovative ways for publishers to engage with and market to their target audience. With plans to host even bigger and better events, further enhance its platform, and partner with the biggest names in the industry to give its audience the best viewing experience possible. 2023 is shaping up to be a massive year for Indian esports and Loco is here to support it!